Meet / Voici Video.

Meet / Voici Video is our unique brand of promotional film creation and distribution services aimed at getting you more exposure, giving you a leg up with online searches and making better use of your website and social media.

We create all of our Meet / Voici films based on simple and effective principles. The goal is to create a short film that promotes your business without feeling like an ad. The process is easy and efficient, which also makes our Meet / Voici videos very affordable. A typical shoot consists of a 20 minute interview and a few hours of additional shot collection. That’s it! We take care of the rest. Check out what we’ve done for others at Meet Moncton.

Entertaining and engaging videos get you results – like new customers, more exposure and better branding. We combine great videos with great distribution, connecting your videos to an audience that gets larger by the day, where all of our videos serve to draw customers to your video as well.

You can’t help but explore what Greater Moncton has to offer through our videos.

You’ll get even more out of your Meet / Voici video by putting front and center on your website and promoting it on your marketing materials. Sharing your videos on social media will give you a better return on your investment, so will connecting with us on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. If you are not sure how, we’d love to help you!