What we do.

This is not an exhaustive list of what Atlas Films can do – just some of the things that we do best,  but we’re always up for a challenge!

  • To get the results you need, you don’t have to invest enormous amounts of time and money.
  • Our aim is to be functional and artistic. Meeting your goals is our first priority, and then work to ensure the result looks good!
  • We take pride in our productions, and we know that you’ll be proud of our work together!

All of our productions and services are approached with these values in mind.

TV Spots

No one disputes the value and effectiveness of the 800 pound gorilla of the marketing world – a well made TV Spot. When you work with us, we’ll keep things simple, straightforward and give you professional results. More info.

Meet / Voici Videos

Our unique brand of promotional films aimed at getting you more exposure, give you a leg up with online searches and make better use of your website and social media. Learn more.

Web Videos

The perfect fit for getting a specific message out. We will help you develop a web video for your promotional campaign, fundraising or educate your customers about your services. Find out more.