We have a have a love for making films, that is to say – we love meeting new people, exploring and learning about new things, viewing the world through a lens and bringing it all together to show others what we’ve seen and learned.

Evar Simon still finds it odd to say that he has over 20 years of experience working in video and film. But its true. In addition to being a skilled camera operator and director of photography, Evar is equally at home doing post-production, online editing and finish work.

Marie Lamarche is a graphic designer and photographer by trade. She can be found behind the camera, wearing a location sound bag or spending hours cutting together dialogue in an edit bay.  Marie’s work has been shown both in local and French film festivals.

Etienne Boivin’s passion is storytelling. While attending Université de Moncton, Etienne accumulated over 10 years of stage work. He was recently featured in the International Francophone Film Festival in Acadia in both the short films and feature categories.

If you still need more info about us… actions speak louder than words – so check out our blog to see what were up to, or contact us and we can a have a chat.