Month: January 2014

Harry’s Pizza & Café

We had a fun shoot at Harry’s Pizza & Café – focusing on sandwiches, soups and a few of the awesome sweets Harry has to offer.

The shoot turned out well! See below where Annie is rockin out the slider 🙂


Atlas Films FAQ

Whats going on?!?

We are putting our production company to the foreground, offering more services, and launching Atlas Films is our way of showing that we have more ways to support our customers through our love of film-making. It is something we’ve been meaning to do for awhile, but we’ve been busy focusing on our customers – and we haven’t spent much time working at our internal to-do list – we suspect most entrepreneurs fall into this trap 🙂

What is Atlas Films and whats going on with Meet / Voici Moncton ?

Atlas Films is our production company, and Meet / Voici Moncton is our brand of video, one option among the many services we provide. Other services include doing a TV spot or a fundraising video 🙂

What is happening to Meet / Voici Moncton?

Our shining star that is Meet / Voici Moncton will not be changing one bit. Our brand of Meet / Voici video has become what we are know for, and that is a great thing. So in the new year, we are looking to expand the Meet / Voici brand – but not limited to Moncton geographic. Think of Voici Dieppe, or Meet Fredericton as on the horizon 🙂

Does Etienne like sweet potato chips?

Yes, he does.

Are your new business cards going to be as cool as your Meet / Voici Moncton cards?

Yes, we’ll be doing something cool – we’ll be happily handing them out when our order comes in 🙂

We haven’t seen much ‘behind the scenes’ of what you guys are working at?

That too will change! The Meet / Voici Moncton website and social media pages are solely to promote our customers, not ourselves – but now we have an outlet to show more of what we do through our Atlas Films site!